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vifanord - Virtual Library of Northern European Studies

vifanord - Virtual Library of Northern European Studies serves as a central collection and internet guide of scientific literature and information on this cultural region. It leads to printed and digital sources from thematically relevant libraries and databases from a wide range of international institutions. Two different approaches to search (verbal and by topic) as well as the possibility to refine your search afterwards give you precise search results.

In vifanord you search simultaneously in a variety of databases with only one search query and have direct access to information sources via full text links or the option to order literature in a library.

In addition vifanord facilitate the orientation about new tendencies in the research about Northern Europe with information about conferences and new publications.


History and Future of vifanord

vifanord was built as a portal for the whole Baltic Sea and Northern European Region in the years 2006 to 2011 with the financial support of the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG).
It was a joint development of three major German academic libraries with traditional competences in these regions:

Kiel University Library (Scandinavia)
Göttingen State and University Library (Finland and Estonian philology and ethnology)
Greifswald University Library (Baltic countries and Baltic Sea region)

in cooperation with several partner institutions.

Since summer 2015 vifanord focuses on Northern Europe only and is a constant task of the » Kiel University Library in cooperation with the » Göttingen State and University Library.

For research in Baltic Studies you can use » ViFaOst.


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